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Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Russian company ALGOSOFT in co-operation with a group of well-known scientists has produced a unique CD-ROM encyclopaedia “Freemasonry and Freemasons: Three Centuries in Russia”.

The CD-ROM gives an insight into the poorly explored phenomenon of the Russian cultural life and is oriented towards a broad variety of users, including lovers of the Russian history and arts and professionals: historians, philosophers, art and literary critics. The disk can also be widely used as teaching material for any of these subjects.

This is the first edition of this kind on the world multimedia market. Designed for easy understanding and based on the advanced technology, the encyclopaedia offers a unique data base about the history of the Russian Freemasonry in the 18-20th centuries. It features interesting historical facts, research and studies in the history of Freemasonry, philosophy, architecture, painting and music; a biographical dictionary of Freemasons; lists and symbols of Masonic lodges; a list of up-to-date literary references; the most rare Masonic ritual recitations; interesting documents and drawings from the archives.

The encyclopaedia contains a large collection of black-and-white and coloured illustrations, sound tracks and short video films (a virtual tour of a Masonic lodge; music by Freemason composers; Freemasonry maps of Moscow and St.Petersburg and video clips “Freemason sights of Moscow” and “Freemasons’ Estates of the Moscow Region”). The CD’s easy interface provides fast access to any part of its contents.

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