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The Internet offers a lot of sites and pages which, in one way or another, deal with the international Freemasonry and feature both its history over many centuries and its present activities. The USA has a significantly larger number of such sites, but in fact any other country which has a Great Provincial Lodge or an ordinary Masonic lodge is present in the Internet and has its own www address. These sites can be found easily in the popular search engines Alta Vista or Yahoo. For a quicker result, use double search and type in the words “Freemasonry” or “Masons” and more specific key words for advanced search.

We are going to search for Masonic sites and publish their addresses on our own site. In the meantime, we are giving some useful network references on the topic.

First of all, we suggest the Web Site of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which offers a lot of useful links:

  • http://www.chat.ru/~ru_masons/
  • http://www.gagarin.com
  • http://ripper.wildnet.co.uk/casebook.html
  • http://iam.ru/2000/
  • http://www.book-mekka.ru
  • http://www.gts.nsk.su/~serge/saharov/
  • http://www.geocities.com/athens/academy/4388/











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