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V.I. Sakharov: Poet and "Widow’s Children".
New facts about A.S. Pushkin’s ties with freemasons retrieved from the archives

The Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences has just edited a new book which will be published in 2000:

Freemasonry and Russian Literature of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Edited by V.I. Sakharov. M., Editorial URSS, 2000.

Edited by a group of authors, the book sums up the materials of the 1995 Russian national research conference of the Institute of the World Literature on the same subject. The book is the first and unique attempt to recount the history of the poorly explored literary trend - the Masonic literature of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Based on the publications in the books and journals of that time as well as Masonic archives, the book contains various chapters on the history of the Masonic prose and poetry, literary theory, translations, writers’ biographies and the history of literary circles and societies. The appendices feature Masonic ritual recitations. The authors have drawn on unique unpublished and old printed material, data and documents from foreign Masonic archives. The literary sources used in the book include the most recent publications about the history of the Russian and foreign freemasonry. This is the first publication on this subject in Russia. Authored by leading experts in the field, the book is an innovative exploring project in terms of its contents, methodology and deductions.

For more information about retail and wholesale deliveries, please contact the publishers:

Editorial URSS. Director: Domingo Marin Rikoy. Tel: (7) 095 135 4246. Fax: (7) 095 135 4423

E-mail: urss@urss.isa.ac.ru ***

The Association for Esoteric Research (ARIES) has been active in France for many years: directed by Professor Antoine Faivre, a recognised authority on Masonic culture, the Association engages in publishing activities, conducts research and organises various scientific symposia. Arche (Paris-Milano) has published a whole series of books on esoteriс and Masonic teachings. ***

There are a lot of Masonic museums all over the world, including the best-known museums in Bayreith and Michaelisdonn (Germany), Rosenau Castle near Zwettl (Austria) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Bayreith Museum:
Germany D-95444 Bayreith, Im Hofgarten 1, Deutsches Freimaurer-Museum,
Direktor Dr Herbert Schneider. Phone (0921) 698 24

St. Michaelisdonn Museum:
Germany 25693 St.Michaelisdonn, Hopestrasse 2, tel. (04853) 589, Fax (04853) 701, e-mail museum@freimaurerorden.org

Zwettl Museum:
Austria, A-3910 Zwettl Hauptplatz 4, Museumverein Zwettl

Stockholm Museum:
Sweden, S-111, 48, Stokholm, Blasieholmsgatan 6, prof Tom Bergoth

There are several Masonic museums in Russia, including the State Historical Museum and the biggest repository in the State Museum of the History of Religion in the Kazan Cathedral in St.Petersburg:
191186, St.Petersburg, Kazan Square, 2
Tel: (7) 812 312 3586
Fax: (7) 812 311 9483




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